I have been told that only the dealer can make keys to my vehicle - is this true?

This is almost never true. Locksmiths who do not specialize in automotive keys may not even know that other locksmiths can make keys to certain vehicles. Armen Lock specializes in making vehicle keys, even late model, and high end vehicles. We can cut and program: high security keys, transponder keys, remote head keys, proximity keys, and even remotes.

How much does it cost for duplicate keys?

Prices vary widely depending on the type of key, and Armen Lock is usually much less expensive, and more convenient than the dealership. We can give you an exact price quote for your vehicle by phone. Typical pricing for duplicating keys is as follows:

  • Most high security keys: $35 -$150
  • Most transponder keys: $45 - $85
  • Most proximity keys (including an emergency blade, cut to your vehicle): $95 - $300
  • Most remote head keys: $130 - $250

*All prices include cutting, programming, and parts.

How is Armen Lock more convenient than the dealership?

Since we specialize in automotive locksmithing, we can make your keys while you wait, faster than the dealership does. We never quote false bait-and-switch prices or completion times and we never try to sell unnecessary repairs. We can give you a fast price quote over the phone, and schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Does the equipment used to duplicate keys matter?

Yes, manually controlled machines are less accurate than computer controlled key cutting equipment. Armen Lock has computer controlled (CNC) equipment which can correct for wear when duplicating keys. Using CNC equipment, wear from your old keys is NOT transferred to your duplicates, the cuts on your new duplicates are returned to their original specifications. Our high security keys are cut on Silca's industry leading Triax-e-code and Triax H.S., and other keys can be cut on Silca's industry leading Ultracode, or Ultracode A/T.