Dear valued customer,

In the trying economic times that we now experience, it has become more important than ever to find value in our spending. I recognize this and I strive to provide the best value to my customers. The value that I offer through Armen Lock is comprised of a fair price, highly competent labor, and honorable business practices toward customers, and others. This includes avoiding damage to customer vehicles, quoting honest prices intended to be honored, and guaranteeing most parts and all labor.

In keeping with these ideals, I also try to source as many materials as practically possible from US manufacturers. In cases where this is not possible or practical, I favor products manufactured in North America. While these items are not always the least expensive, they often offer better value through quality.

As a customer, you should expect Armen Lock to provide highly competitive prices. While price shopping, I hope that you will also consider the value in dealing with a highly professional and knowledgeable service provider with honorable business practices. I also encourage you to ask the country of origin of the items you may purchase and to ask about written warranties on parts or labor that you are considering.

Thank you,

Ara Armen

Owner, Armen Lock LLC