What are the benefits of on-site service?

Having your vehicle ignition repaired on-site means that you save the cost of towing your vehicle and avoid the risk of towing damage. On-site service also means that you can usually have your car back on the road in minutes or hours instead of days. You also don't need to arrange for a ride to pick your car up from a service facility before it closes for the day or the weekend, and if you have ever experienced bait-and-switch pricing or completion delays after towing your vehicle to a dealership, you can appreciate the value of having your vehicle serviced on-site.

Why Armen Lock?

Armen Lock specializes in automotive locksmithing and we stand behind our work. When you call Armen Lock, your vehicle does not become a training lesson for a technician - your service will be performed proficiently, without damage or delay. Armen Lock keeps all of the most commonly needed parts in stock, so you won't be without your car waiting for ordered parts. In most cases, we use OEM lock parts (made by the original vehicle manufacturers), and we can guarantee parts and labor for ignition lock replacements and repairs in writing for the life of your vehicle.

What should be expected from a reputable service provider?

When dealing with a reputable service provider, customers should expect to be charged exactly what they have been quoted and not a dollar more. If unusual circumstances cause an original quote to be invalid, the circumstances should be fully explained with a revised quote before any new charges are agreed to. A reputable service provider should also stand behind their labor. We strive to maintain our reputation as a premium local service provider by honoring these practices.

What causes ignition locks to fail and what can be done about it?

The majority of ignition lock failures are related to two factors:

Here is what you can do:

When a lock is replaced, ask for a replacement part with an updated design if available, or at least a warranty. Many auto manufacturers will offer improved designs for locks that have failed frequently. Reputable locksmiths should offer, in writing, warranties on parts and labor for ignition lock replacement.

If a key appears heavily worn, discard it or set it aside as an emergency key, and use a key which is not heavily worn. When you have duplicates made, they should either be made from keys which are not heavily worn, or they should be cut on equipment which only cuts keys to original specifications and does not transfer the wear of the old key to the new one. This is sometimes called "cutting by code".

If an ignition lock starts to become harder to turn or requires jiggling of the key, correcting the problem before the ignition stops working completely, will probably save you money and avoid the inconvenience of leaving you stranded later.

Which vehicles have the most frequent lock failures?

Specific models vary, but in general, the following groups of vehicles have ignition locks which fail much more frequently:

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