What are transponder keys?

Transponder keys, also called chip keys or coded keys, are keys which contain an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip. The RFID chip is generally molded into the rubber or plastic of the head of the key, and is not visible unless the head of the key is cut open. Most auto keys utilize a passive RFID, device therefore they do not require batteries.

I was told that no locksmith can program transponder keys for my car. Is this true?

This is almost never true. Armen Lock programs transponder keys to all makes of vehicles, even late model or high end vehicles such as Lexus, Infinity, Jaguar, and Saab. We strive to be your most convenient and cost effective option.

How are transponder keys programmed?

Different vehicles have different systems which require different methods. Special equipment is required to allow the vehicle to learn the unique digital signature of the keys which are to be authorized to start the vehicle, and in some cases the keys also need to learn the unique digital signature of the vehicle. In few cases, computer modules must be removed from the vehicles to be reprogrammed, but the process is more often less invasive.

What is the typical cost associated with transponder key programming?

Costs vary widely but start at around $35. Armen Lock can quote an exact price by phone.

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