What is meant by "high security keys"?

High security keys are also sometimes called "laser cut" or "sidewinder" keys. They are keys that work with locks which offer a higher level of security. High security keys are cut using different equipment than conventional keys and the keys can be identified by appearance. The cuts into the sides of conventional key blades go all the way through the metal, as seen below on the left . The cuts on high security keys only remove some of the thickness of the metal and do not go all the way through, as seen below on the right.

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Does Armen Lock cut high security keys?

Yes, we stock high security keys, and we can make them in a matter of minutes. If your high security keys are also transponder or remote equipped, we can program them for you too. In addition to duplicating high security keys, we can also replace them in instances where all keys have been lost.

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How much does it cost to duplicate high security keys?

Prices of different types of keys vary widely but most range from about $35 to $150. An exact price for your vehicle can be quoted by phone. Please call for a quote: (301) 963-8100

Does the equipment used to cut high security keys matter?

Yes, manually controlled machines are less accurate than computer controlled key cutting equipment. When cutting high security keys Armen Lock uses computer controlled (CNC) equipment which creates precise original and duplicate keys. This computer controlled equipment also corrects for wear when duplicating worn keys, so the wear from your existing key is not replicated onto the duplicates. With the computer correction, your duplicates are cut to exact original specifications, just like new keys. Our high security keys are cut on Silca's industry leading Triax-e-code and Triax H.S.